what do we do ?

The difference is we share experience 

we work on enhancing personality to make the globe self-independent which includes  

  • coaching

  • Training

  • Assisting 

  • Advising time to time for both personal / Professional Aspect

Meet our Team

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Devender Dommaraju

Machine Learning | Python Instructor

with 22 years of experience in Solution Architecture. worked with companies like Daimler, TCS, cognizant.


Bala Animeti

iOS developer

with 12 years of experience in iOS Development, Worked with Companies like Apple, Ca, Daimler and JP Morgan chase


Pankaj Dubey

DevOps & Cloud Native Architect

with 13 years of experience in Cloud and Cloud-Native Stacks like Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, Openshift, AWS, Azure, and GCP

Certified Architect for GKE, AWS, GCP, PCF


Madhusudhan reddy

Data Engineering Architect

with 13 years of experience in Data Engineering with Solv, Daimler, HPE


SA Latheef

Cloud Architect

with 17 years of experience in Cloud Computing Azure, AWS, GCP, Windows, Linux, Kubernetes, Openshift, Cloud Security and Governance

Worked with Microsoft, Citrix, Daimler,Sabre


Lokesh Soni

Data Science and ML Engineer

with 7 years of experience in Data Science, ML with Python